Orthopaedic Bracing

As Athletic Therapists, we are very knowledgable in different bracing options for different orthopaedic injuries and conditions. After an initial assessment, we are able to offer recommendations on different bracing options that would best suit your situation, or even if a brace is the best option as part of your rehabilitation. 


At ProActive Athletic Therapy, we have access to a variety of braces for sport injuries, post or pre-operative conditions or repetitive injuries. For example, we have knee braces for arthritis or ligament instabilities such as ACL Tears; forearm straps for Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow; and lumbar support braces for numerous pathologies. 


Custom knee braces are among the most popular brace we order. These braces are best known for treating osteoarthritis and ligamentous instabilities.


Benefits of wearing an off-loading custom knee brace for Osteoarthritis:

  • Allows knee joint to open up, reducing friction between joint surfaces which in turn reduces knee pain.
  • Slows down the progression of degeneration within the joint.
  • Prolongs time before a knee replacement is needed.
  • Allows patient to continue with their physical activity painfree.
  • Custom braces provide the best fit for your knee and are fully functional.


If you are interested in ordering a brace, speak with one of our Athletic Therapists and they will be able to assist with the selection, fitting, and ordering process!