Performance Compression Socks

Performance Compression Socks offer a lighter grade of compression at 15-22 mmHg that is considered less than medical grade. This means you do not need a doctor’s referral in order to take advantage of their many benefits! These include:

  • increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery in your veins
  • protecting your legs from muscle vibrations and improve endurance
  • increasing recovery time
  • preventing spider veins 


These benefits help those who suffer from tired, achy legs due to minor swelling from travelling, pregnancy, or just every day life.


Click here to view the video on How to Apply Lunatiks Compression Socks.

Tired and Achy Legs?

  • Suffering from tired, achy legs or minor swelling?
  • Going on a business or vacation trip?
  • Pregnant?
  • Sitting or standing for long periods of time at work or play?
  • Recovering from athletic activities & muscle fatigue?
  • Having a vein procedure for your legs?

Maintain Optimal Leg Health & Prevent the Occurrence of Chronic Venous Disorders by wearing ACHI Compression socks!