We offer a running biomechanical assessment program to anyone who has an interest in running, whether beginner or elite and injured or not. This assessment gives you a thorough understanding of your muscle, joint, or movement dysfunction that can have a negative effect on running performance and/or lead to repetitive strain-causing injury.

Running injuries do not occur on their own. There is always a cause. It could be that you are not wearing the right running shoes, you have some muscle weakness or imbalance, you have done too much too soon, or some other reason. The best approach to preventing running injuries is to be proactive and not ignore the warning signs of an injury. By taking steps to treat pain in its early stages rather than waiting until you have a full-blown running injury, you can limit your pain and reduce the amount of time you need to take off from running.


The ultimate goal is to identify:

  • Movement asymmetries
  • Muscular strength and flexibility imbalances
  • Neuromuscular control weaknesses
  • Joint motion restrictions

The 90 minute evaluation includes:

  • Videotaped biomechanical analysis on treadmill
  • Muscular strength and flexibility imbalance evaluation
  • Footwear and/or orthotic assessment and recommendations
  • Individualized exercise program
  • Calculated and progressive interval running program
  • Recommendations for intervention

What to bring to the evaluation?

  • Running attire (shirt, shorts and your current running shoes)
  • Your orthotics (if necessary), or second pair of running shoes

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